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Elder Icey Brewer

678-757-ICEY / 678-757-4239

Higher Hope Christian Ministries

Domestic Violence Hotline

Higher Hope Christian Ministries want to lead by example in our efforts to support women during all the various stages of their journey toward safety and self- discovery.  HHCM pledges to connect survivors to viable resources while learning and publicizing information surrounding this national crisis. Our hotline will be available to answer questions and provide support, safety planning, and referrals.

Community Advocacy and Education

Higher Hope Christian Ministries pledges to raise awareness and change societal attitudes about domestic violence. Through traditional and social media campaigns, we want to be the catalyst that seeks to encourage victims to break the silence and provide our communities with opportunities to talk openly about domestic violence.

We provide community education programs to schools, local colleges and universities, religious leaders, faith-based groups and other organizations throughout the Atlanta area. We must stand together against domestic violence.

Support Group

Elder Icey Y. Brewer is all about giving! She is a visionary purposed by God to heal, educate and empower the people of God through the uncompromised Word of God. Elder Brewer believes there are two fundamental beliefs and ideas that determine how you live your life; what you believe about God and what you believe about yourself.


Her work with women victims of domestic violence has resulted in the new birth of Finding My Shoes. In addition to being a voice against domestic violence, Finding My Shoes is anointed and appointed by God to empower women to lift the veil of despair, disappointment, fear, failure and pain to find value. Finding My Shoes proclaims only God, through His Word, can define who we are and what we will become; our true potential.


Our support group is for women who are currently, or have formerly been, in an unhealthy relationship. We come together to support and encourage one another during the healing process.

Financial Restoration and Empowerment

Nearly 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence during their lifetime. And, research shows that lacking financial knowledge and resources are the main reasons why victims of domestic violence return to or remain in relationships with their abusers. This type of abuse - called economic abuse - affects tens of thousands of women each year. Economic abuse is when one intimate partner has control over the other partner's access to economic resources. Economic abuse diminishes the victim’s ability to support themselves financially which; then forces the victim to depend on the perpetrator financially.

Higher Hope Christian Ministries believes survivors of domestic violence and economic abuse need specialized resources and strategies to address their financial uncertainties. However, few resources exist for programs designed to assist survivors with the economic challenges they face.

That's why Higher Hope Christian Ministries is committed to taking action NOW! We have uniquely positioned ourselves to provide survivors with the financial resources they need to thrive.

Higher Hope Christian Ministries provides economic empowerment services through their Employment Assistance Program. Our program empowers survivors to gain or regain control of their finances in order to get free and stay free from violence. This includes partner-provided job opportunities and resources. Our Back-to-Work Program matches talent with opportunity.  We also connect survivors with financial tools and information that will enable them to fully understand their financial circumstances and to engage in short-term and long-term planning to accomplish their personal financial goals.

Local Resource Referrals

Our core initiatives work to improve the lives of domestic violence survivors by assisting them in taking the necessary steps to ensure a sustainable future. Our programs connect domestic violence survivors to vital resources and local organization throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

It takes more than a village; it takes the entire community to put an end to this national crisis. We need YOU to support economic empowerment for survivors and to help end domestic violence. Higher Hope Christian Ministries continues to develop partnerships with community leaders in the domestic violence movement.

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