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Our Vision


God’s Word is not merely  theoretical in nature. It speaks with relevant   application to every human condition. The problems that plague our world provide opportunities to apply God’s Word to uplift humanity.


Higher Hope Christian Ministries (HHCM) recognizes the challenge and is committed to applying God’s word to empower people to change. Higher Hope defines who we are and what we are about. Our vision ”We see people changed in order to change their world” gives us the ability to see beyond the present reality.


One Mission

To reach the unsaved through Christian discipleship by: 
*Being guided by the Holy Spirit *Applying the word of God; and  *Maintaining our covenant relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


We will cause change in these four areas:


Person – we commit to develop the person to become who God intended him or her to be.


Church – we commit to be a church where disciples are spiritually equipped to serve.


Community – we commit to represent godly standards of living.


World – we commit to work together with the body of Christ to advance the Kingdom of God throughout the world.   

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